Stacie speaks with the angels. Stacie has a professional and profound connection to the angelic realm. Her connection is accurate, clear, easy to follow and often fun. Her integrity is impeccable. Stacie is multi trained in metaphysical disciplines and can incorporate healing techniques from shamanic disciplines into her readings. This combination is superior to other channels that I have worked with. Stacie can not only inform you from the realms beyond but if healing is required she can directly provide that service also. She brings lightness, grace and ease to session that can help in both stressful times or the times where validation or confirmation is needed.

I highly recommend Stacie not only as a practitioner but as a spirit filled being that has gifts to be marveled.

~Jan Engels-Smith, Founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies


Stacie is the truest, most genuine and gifted person I know. Her warm, generous demeanor put me at ease immediately and I felt like I known her for years. Over the last year, she helped me to find my true purpose, release the negative thought-forms of my past, overcome my self-imposed obstacles, and truly connect to Spirit. Stacie comes from a place of joy and truly wants each and every person who sees her to find their soul’s path. She treats everyone with sincere love and without judgment.  Stacie's gifts and authentic connection to Spirit brings forth such profound spiritual healings.  She helps you to reach your highest potential and to continue your journey with Spirit.

I have the greatest trust in her guidance and abilities that I’ve brought my preteen sons to see her. Stacie’s professionalism and easing going nature diffused any sort of uncomfortable feelings for my sons. During my son’s session with Stacie, a wondrous healing came through for my son that overnight my son’s anxious, insecure feelings subsided and his confidence level improved dramatically. Now, both my sons want to see Stacie all the time.

Stacie’s blend of Native American shamanism infused with the Angelic realm brings forth such beautiful healings that words cannot adequately describe the many blessings her presence brings. She possesses such clear insight and heavenly wisdom that one cannot doubt her. Stacie truly is magical and will help you in the very way she helped me – with the highest level of integrity, love, and joy possible.

~Tiffany Sloane, February 2012


When I took Stacie’s level one Angelic Shamanism class it was like someone opened a door. There was this entire world I’d been feeling and hearing, but I didn’t know how to tap into it. I was a little nervous going into the first workshop, but Stacie creates such a calm, safe environment that it’s incredibly difficult to hold onto that fear and doubt. Within the first five minutes of talking to the other students I knew I was among kindred spirits. Then the workshop began, and I had this overwhelming feeling of coming back to myself, this feeling of remembrance and relief. I still have a difficult time putting it into words, but I will never forget the utter of my first journey.

Since then I’ve taken Angelic Shamanism level two and Stacie’s mediumship workshop. They are equally miraculous. With each class I think things can’t possibly get more incredible and then they do. It’s been an awe-inspiring journey so far, and I’m only now gearing up for level three.

The workshops are amazing and thrilling and so very informative. Just as phenomenal, though, was my Soul Retrieval. Stacie is a powerful shaman so I expected the retrieval to be transformative. It was beyond my highest hopes. I still cannot believe how much it has improved my life, how much clarity, strength, and understanding it has given me. Stacie is a light, a wonder, and a complete joy to be around. I am forever grateful that she’s been brought into my life.

~Kelsi Davidson


As a disabled veteran, I've been in and out of hospitals and been seeing doctors and other health professionals for years. Among my health issues, I was suffering from depression and traditional treatments weren't really helping.
A few months ago, I was introduced to some of the services offered by Stacie Codino.
My sessions involved a combination of techniques that Stacie has been trained in. After a couple of sessions, I found the severity of my depression lessening. Based on this experience, I've continued my sessions with Stacie.
I'm happy to say that since I've started sessions with Stacie, my depression is no longer affecting my life as it once did.
I've found Stacie to be a forthright and caring person. 
I strongly encourage everyone experiencing difficulties to contact Stacie for a session.
Should Stacie be unable to assist you, she may be able to refer you to someone better suited to help you.

Ronald I.

"We are so very lucky to have Stacie with us. She is filled with pure joy and spiritual warmth and definitely has the gift to help others connect with an enlightened sense of being. Working with Stacie to strengthen my spiritual connection has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life, and I am eternally grateful for Stacie and the angels she brings."    

Eva H.

Stacie is a being full of light and open to the universe, a world we may not understand yet she communes and shares with us the joy of that relationship. From childhood fear of dark things, I felt gratitude that she'd be willing to go there to bring light into my healing.  
Regardless of belief, I trust that I am in the presence of an Angel here on earth.
Thank you for the gift of possibilities and abundance in my life. 
Love & Light, Cheryl R.

A mid life career change led me to a seminar where I received a referral to Stacie. 
After years in the corporate world I was unsure and skeptical of some counselors, but I could tell that Stacie was sincere right from the beginning. She patiently fielded all my questions and painstakingly dealt with all of my arguments. In short, she simply sat there and reflected my truth despite my emotional transitions through it all. In addition to our normal sessions, she was also available to me via email for each little crisis I subsequently went through. 
Stacie is the positive force I needed to sustain me through this tough process. Her gentle truth shines like the sun and I do not know what I would have done without her. I have deep gratitude for the angels and offer my most heart felt thanks for Stacie's gifts.

Kari D.



You are truly a blessing to me and my family. You have touched and helped to change our lives in ways that only god knows. I'm very grateful for you and your courage to be a spiritual light for me and my family. 

Much love and blessings 




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