Angelic Shamanism Level 1




Live and Interactive

Level 1

(3 class series)



Angelic Shamanic Practitioner


September 21st, 2019

October 19th, 2019

November 16th, 2019


Angelic Shamanism is a unique blend of core shamanic techniques and skills uniting and connecting with the Angelic realm, to bring about a full spectrum of healing and communication with the Spirits and the Angels.


Within this workshop you will learn the basics as well as intermediate core tools of Angelic Shamanism including the shamanic journey process, which is the foundational tool for shamanic study, to the Spirits and the Angels for information, clarity, guidance and healing.


You will learn various techniques for communication, understanding and growth as well as how and to incorporate these skills into your everyday life to bring about wholeness, happiness and wellness on every level, becoming proficient in skills and understanding.


Through the Shamanic journey style you can connect to your power animals, spirit allies and helping spirits, as well as the angelic realm and receive the messages they have for you to help guide you on your path and purpose. You will learn tools for your psychic development and explore the different worlds of non-ordinary reality.


In this class you will:

  • Build a life changing relationship with your Angels and Spirit allies
  • Learn how to shamanic journey
  • Energy Medicine
  • Understand and read energy
  • Meet your Power Angel & Spirit Teacher
  • Learn & meet the Arch Angels
  • Understanding and creating an Altar
  • Understand how to hear your Angels
  • Connect to your Power Animal and Spirit Helpers
  • Meet your personal allies to build your core foundation & “team”
  • Deepen your psychic abilities
  • Explore & Understand the different worlds of non-ordinary reality
  • Learn a number of Shamanic tools and Ceremonies
  • Gain clarity and remove blocks
  • and so much more...


This class will prepare you for the next Angelic Shamanism level of study and is the core foundation.   The workshops and classes are designed to integrate these teachings into your life for personal healing and connection, as well as become a practitioner of energy medicine and bring your skills to others, if you so desire.


Angelic Shamanism Level 1 is the prerequisite for all other Shamanic courses and classes that will assist you in becoming an Angelic Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Medicine Healer.

You must have all 3 classes of this 3 part level to proceed to further levels.


All classes will begin at 9:00 am PST on their scheduled date and will end around 11:00 am PST.class.


These classes are scheduled in a way that you will have practice time in-between to further you in your confidence and build your foundation.


*No prerequisites for this workshop required except an open heart, compassion, and a desire to work with the Angels and Spirit. Beginners to advanced WELCOME!


The workshop will be held through Zoom On-Line


Workshop fee is $210.00 ***


You may pay by cash, check or credit card.  If paying by credit card you can pay through Venmo or Paypal or go to to make payment.


Registration is requested & appreciated

To register: Email Stacie ~ or call 512-905-7111


~Registration: A deposit of $20.00 is due upon registering to hold your space and is appreciated. ~Registration closes on September 15th, 2019. Balance due on September 20th, 2019. You may also split your payment into three and pay prior to each class with agreement.

~Discount of 10% if paid in full at registration and if registered by August 15th, 2019.

~Prior Student Discount: If you have taken this class with me previously, there is a $50.00 discount.


***Payment is an exchange of energy. The exchange of energy between you, the Spirits, Angels and the Shaman/Teacher. Your intention you put into this payment and class of love, gratitude and appreciation is a request and exchange to Spirit & the Angels for transformation, growth, development and healing.  This is a sacred and personal request and journey. 












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