Equine & Pet Healing

We love our pets and they can suffer from many of the same Soul wounds as we do. It is important to address an animal with great respect and honor. We offer our assistance and they choose if they would like to receive it. They too, have free will and we must keep this in mind when assisting them.

There are many occurrences that happen in our pets lives that they have no control over and can cause symptoms that seem to be physical but are actually at the Soul level. For instance, a horse can be moved from home to home, may be mistreated or left alone. They could have lost Soul pieces along their path and so they show this in many ways that seem to be less than beneficial. One way can be through fear, lameness, chronic illness and unwillingness, even depression.

Imbalances are important to address and Shamanic healing techniques seem to be profoundly healing with our pets. If our human loved one was suffering, we would do all we could to assist them.

I have worked on even the most severe cases. Our pets willingness and acceptance of healing often allows immediate response. They appreciate the respect and will honor you with the same. Some cases need to be nurtured and continued while others, just like human beings, need continued care until all layers are addressed.

Many Dogs have been taken from their Mothers too early or have been used in extremely harsh conditions. Sometimes they are left outside by themselves for years. These are pack animals and it is not their nature to be alone. Aggression is often based out of fear but some feel that there is no help for the dog. Many rescue dogs come from such backgrounds and are never given the chance to be healed.

We can help our pets and the wildlife all around us. It is our duty to ask them and to assist them. After all, they rarely are asked if they would like to be a part of our family.

We can learn so much from the animals. They have so much to teach us.

We must learn to respect all Spirits. We are all one!

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