Equine Soul Connection

Equine Soul Connection


Stacie Codino

Angelic Shamanic Practitioner



Workshop Location:

HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary


No Horse Experience Necessary!

An open heart along with a desire to connect with a truly,

magnificent being, is all that is needed.


Please Join me for this transformative introductory workshop in healing through the power of Equine Soul Connection!


Through the beauty and power of the magnificent Horse we can learn techniques and tools to empower us to communicate more clearly, build confidence, to be mindful and learn to live in the moment.


With the guidance of the horse through authenticity, pure non-verbal communication, direct and immediate feedback reading only our energy, body language and intention, we can understand ourselves, adjust and empower ourselves as we align with what our true desires are.


Connecting with our intuition, moving out of the head and into the heart, the True Self, will bring in the peace and balance we desire.


*All Equine interaction is done in ground work only.

 This class is the introduction into Equine Soul Connection.


Living and Feeling the life your heart desires

 IS possible!


Within this powerful workshop, through the connection and relationship of the Horse, we will explore:


            Empower yourself and Power Up!

            Clear & heal old thought forms, behaviors, habits & patterns that keep you from the life you desire

            Balance & Connect in Oneness through the beauty of Horses

            Learn to be mindful and responsible for your energy which can transform your life, change your relationship to self and others

            Turn up your intuition


            Deepen your relationship to self with clarity & greater understanding

            Build Trust, Confidence & Courage

            Learn how to read, change & move energy all through the help of our Equine Friends

            Learn about who you are, accept & embrace the beauty of you


*Space is limited due to hands-on work that each individual will have with the horses


Workshop Offering: $180.00

***50% of all proceeds will be donated to HeartSpace Horse Sanctuary***


*Non-Refundable Deposit of $50.00 is requested and appreciated to reserve your space

Minimum Age is 12


To register email: Stacie@staciecodino.com or call 512-905-7111 



























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