Empath Empowerment Workshop

Thriving & Surviving as an Empath & Sensitive



Stacie Codino

Angelic Shamanic Practitioner

Austin, Texas
Fall 2019


 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Retreat Location:

Austin, Texas



New Experiences, tools and information to

 transform your sensitivity into your super power





Are you or someone you know a highly Empathic and Sensitive person? Do you struggle with energy, intensity and other people’s emotions? Do you just plain “feel” too much or more than you can process? Well, this is the workshop for you!



The Angels will take us through experiences, tools and bring forward information that will help us to use our empathic abilities and sensitivities to empower us, to thrive, heal, transform and to assist others and the planet. We will learn and embrace our truth and to live our truth by allowing our gifts, power and soul to shine through the old and to experience ourselves at a deeper level.

Uncover who you truly are meant to be at the core and root, your magnificent true self. Your empathic super powers are meant to assist you to thrive not merely survive.

 Lets get to it!


Living the life your heart desires IS attainable!


Within this magical day we will explore:


           Healing sessions from the Angels

           Uncover your abilities and what Empathic Warrior means for you

           Understanding your special gift and embracing it

           Levels of Sensitivity and Empathic ability

           Tools to manage your Empathic energy and awareness

           Clear & heal old thought forms, behaviors & patterns that keep you from desired fulfillment

           Balance in Oneness

           See yourself and know yourself beyond the physical

           Deepen your connection to the Angelic Realm

           Tools to keep forward movement & momentum

           Learn about who you are, accept & embrace the beauty of you

           Turning the Chapter of your book for a new beginning



Coffee, Tea,Water will be provided


Workshop reservations: Being in high demand, this workshop will fill up quickly. Space is limited to only 20 participants.


Early Registration is encouraged to secure your space and is required by the Still Meadow Retreat Center. All registrations must be made by contacting Stacie with Spirit Awakenings.


***Deposit & payment: A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be required upon registration to hold your space. Registration will be open                 , 2019. Any remaining balance if paying by credit card, must be paid in full by                    2019.



As a convenience, I accept cash, check, or credit card.  To pay by credit card please pay through Venmo or Paypal. 

TO REGISTER: Please call or email Stacie at: Stacie@staciecodino.com or 512-905-7111







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