About Me



Stacie Codino is the founder of Spirit Awakenings Angelic Shamanism®

 Healing Center and Community. Stacie is an Angelic Guidance Counselor®,
Angelic Shamanic Practitioner, Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, as well as an ordained minister. Stacie has been certified and has studied with

extraordinary teachers such as Jan Engels-Smith, founder of

LightSong School of Shamanic Studies.

Stacie has a profound connection to the Angels and the Spirit world, a relationship that brings through deep healing and transformation. Her clarity is undeniable as she brings your healing and messages through with heart-felt energy and wisdom.

Her passion and love for her work is built on integrity, commitment and compassion for all she connects with in ordinary and non-ordinary reality. As well as her love for Nature and Mother Earth.

Stacie's practice is based on Heart-Centered Angelic Shamanism which is a foundation based on working together with the Angelic and Spirit realm to bring about full-spectrum healing. The Angels and Spirits asked Stacie to bring Angelic Shamanism through, to master it and teach it to others.

The healing modalities of Shamanism, which have been around over 40,000 years, focus on the core or root of healing, which is the Soul, all else are symptoms.

Offering Angelic Readings, Shamanism, Mediumship and various other techniques, is Stacie's calling and life purpose. You can feel that when you are in session with her.  

One of Stacie's passion's in her work is her connection and healing work with animals. The ability to bring healing to your pets and horses as well as all other animals, she feels is part of her purpose in this life. Stacie has experienced profound transformation for the animals even in the most severe cases.

Stacie Combines many of her studies into her therapy sessions. She feels that there are many roads and techniques to healing, not just one way is right for every person.

I listen and follow the guidance of the Angels and Spirits for you during your session. Each session may not be the same depending on the guidance that comes through. Each soul is unique.”

Teaching classes on various topics including Angelic Shamanism, Angelic Workshops, Mediumship, Psychic Development, Reiki as well as giving talks, lectures and workshops guided by the Angels is a love of Stacie's. She finds great joy in helping others open to their gifts and abilities so they can use their Angels guidance daily in every area of their life.

Your session will always come from a heart centered place of love, compassion, integrity, sincerity and clarity.

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